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It might be the greatest film in the world but if you don’t reach people, then all your work is for nothing.

The good news! Social media and on-line platforms allow us to attract audiences in new ways.

It is more than just distributing your film. You are building a community. A tribe. You are connecting people all over the world to each other.

You are creating a revolution. Think big.

Now is the BEST time to be a filmmaker!

The internet gives us unlimited possibilities to fund films, reach audiences and gain a profit. Learn innovative ways to utilize this tool for YOUR film!

Build Campaign Strategy

Identify your Call to Action. Develop clear and consistent messaging. Drive Impact. Champion your cause!

Engage your Fans

Explore how to find and engage your tribe. Get your fans to become your amplifiers and distribute your film for you.


Think like a Marketer

Do you believe your film can enhance peoples lives? It is a crime not to reach those who need it!

Monetize your Product

Identify ways to make money with your film and scale your product into profits. 

Create Screening events

Learn about Theatrical/Cinema on Demand and how best to take advantage of this model. Make your campaigns rock! 

Is Facebook Dead?

What are the best social platforms to use and how? Learn current trends and best practiced strategies in digital marketing.

I went from being in debt, to making a 6-figure profit in one year.

I am an award-winning filmmaker who has been making films for over 30 years. Most of my films were supported by grants, but my most recent documentary was turned down by every traditional funding source! It was funded exclusively from individuals, via crowdfunding. These, once strangers, became my avid supporters.  

My film has toured the world. I created a tribe of dedicated followers who have been key to the success of my film’s distribution. I used strategic and innovative marketing to build, reach and engage my tribe, who became active promoters of my film. I continue to learn from the top digital marketers in the business world, and now want to share my strategies with YOU!

I admit it. I am obsessed with teaching fellow artists how to think and behave like marketers. My dream is to create a way for filmmakers to be sustainable, make a steady angle of profit, and continue to make films!


When should you start marketing your film?

Before you begin production! One of the biggest mistakes filmmakers make is trying to market their films once they are done! It is never too early to build your following.

Be Inspired. Watch this video!

With no marketing budget. No publicists. No paid ads. 
Over 200 screenings worldwide so far, all promoted by passionate fans.

Why do we make films?

To entertain.To educate. To tell stories. To inspire dialogue. To create change. You put a lot of time, passion, effort and money into your film.  You owe it to the world to get your film seen by the greatest number of people to create value in their lives. You owe it to yourself to create revenue from your efforts. 


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I learned a totally different way of looking at the world of filmmaking. I moved forward with much more confidence and clarity.

Gretchen Stoeltje, lawyer and filmmaker

Laurel has wonderful insights about ways to build and communicate with your audience, transforming them into active partners. You won’t find a more constructive cheerleader.

Jacki Ochs, filmmaker

Laurel is the bomb! She is helping me stay on task and develop my business in ways I never thought imaginable!

Jeremy Redman, CEO @ Founder of Not Boring Business

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