My Travels With Oliver

A heartfelt and humorous memorial to Dr. Oliver Sacks.

Over 25 years ago, when I started doing research on a film about Tourette syndrome, I read an article in LIFE magazine written by Oliver Sacks about a community in Canada full of “touretters”. I contacted Oliver who invited me to his home in City Island. Oliver introduced me to Lowell Handler, his photographer and traveling companion. That was the beginning of my film “Twitch and Shout”. (©1994)

When Oliver died, Lowell and I got together to honor our friend “Ollie”. Over a bottle of wine, this film idea was born. Photojournalist Lowell Handler narrates a series of photographs he took while traveling the world with Oliver.

— Laurel Chiten, filmmaker

Directed and Edited by Laurel Chiten. Filmed by Oren Rudavsky. Photos courtesy of Lowell Handler.